HONG KONG- An ideal Hub for Businesses

Located in a very advantageous place, Hong Kong is the ideal place for business as it is situated at the heart of Asia. The most thrilling business markets are present here. Shanghai, Taipei, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Perth, all share the same time zone with Hong Kong while Bangkok, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo only have a difference of one hour.

Hong Kong is also a travel hub with over 100 airlines offering flights to approximately 180 destinations. It goes without saying that this plays a vital role in the success of the place as a regional centre. All key markets in Asia are less than a four hour flight away. In addition to this, about half of the world’s populace can reach here within five hours via airway. Also, about 1000 flights ply their route between Hong Kong and the rest of the world on a daily basis and you have the ideal location to conduct business.

The Pearl Delta Region-PDR- is China’s biggest and the most productive area when it comes to manufacturing. The region is located in the northern side of Hong Kong and business associates can easily commute even on a daily basis between the two. This basically means that Hong Kong offers easy and convenient access in both geographically and commercially to business opportunities in mainland China.

The PDR, as it is known, plays home to tens of thousands of factories managed or owned by Hong Kong or overseas companies. The vastly successful nature of the region from a manufacturing stand point has directly led the major cities of the Pearl Delta Region- Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Don guan- being counted as among the wealthiest cities in China. The domino effect is that they have now become strong market for customer goods and consumer services in their own right.

Considering the huge role transport plays in any business, several transport links are currently under construction. This will include the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link. The rail connecting Hong Kong to Guangzhou will stretch over 142 Kilometers and it will only take one 48 minutes to cover the distance. This transport system will connect to the existing train services on the mainland essentially connecting Hong Kong further still with major cities in southern China and even beyond. All this is in an effort to ensure the easy flow of people and goods between Hong Kong and the Mainland, hence creating a conducive environment which is vital to get successful in business.