Register Your Own Company In Hong Kong

Registering a company in Hong Kong comes with a lot of different issues, and it is really important to focus on these issues in order to avoid any further complicacy or complexity. The article of association and memorandum of the company are two important issues, on which the company must put most of their effort. The memorandum will help the company to regulate all business relations and external affairs. In the other hand, the articles of association regulate all internal affairs among the members of the company. Again, another purpose of this article of association is to regulate the relationship between the company and its members, as well.

According to the company registration act in Hong Kong, the memorandum must have some basic information about the company including the name of the company, liabilities of the members of the company, the amount of the share capital of the company, objects and objectives of the company’s business, and the address of the registered physical location of the company in Hong Kong. Again, the article of association must include the rules and norms about holding and arranging any meeting, the processes according to which the directors will be appointed, and the duties, relationships, responsibilities and the rights of the members.

The share capital of the company is another key issue, particularly when it comes about registering the company in Hong Kong. As per the company incorporation act of Hong Kong, this share capital could be of one among two types. One type of share capital is known as authorized share capital and another type is known as paid-up or issued share capital. It is a good news for the companies that, they don’t need to arrange any specific amount as the minimum share capital for opening their company in Hong Kong.

It is important to select the type or category of the business first, before registering a company in Hong Kong. Some information about the company must declare publicly, as per the company formation act of Hong Kong. For example, it is a common public right to know about the basic information of any company, its business type, and the name of its directors and shareholders. Each an every single company must maintain a company registry, where the details about the company’s officers are recorded. Options are also there for the companies to keep some information confidential, when it comes about appointing a nominee shareholder.