Some Facts About Hong Kong Company Registry

Registering a company in Hong Kong is much easier than registering a company in any other country having such strong and vibrant economic and business trend. Selecting the director comes as one very important issue for any company, which comes with the intention to start and expand its business through Hon Kong. Usually, there are two different types of director comes into action while incorporating a company in Hong Kong. They are known as nominee director and regularly directs. According to the company registration act of Hong Kong, there is no distinction or difference between the nominee director and regular director, as they are treated with same authoritative and administrative responsibilities.

The duties and responsibilities of the director/s as per the rules and regulations of the Hong Kong company act is pretty much similar with the duties and responsibilities of directors in any other companies. They are responsible to carry on the overall business process of the company in good faith. Again, the directors are also bound to exercise their power in a proper manner, and they must also avoid misusing it. Diligence and skill must also come as part of the director’s responsibility, as well.

The shareholder/s of the company also has some specific right and duties according to the company incorporation act of Hong Kong. For example, shareholders are also bound to exercise their voting rights regarding removing or appointing any auditor/s or director/s of the company. It is obligatory for any company to release the profit divided among the shareholders without making any unnecessary delay. If the company is liquefied for some certain reasons, then the shareholders of the company also own a certain portion of the company’s asset, which is worth of their acquired shares in equal proportion.

Company secretary should act as one of the key persons of the company, as per the company formation act of Hong Kong. He/she must arrange the meeting and should take the meeting minutes accordingly. Filing all necessary documents and reports also come as another key job responsibility of the company secretary, as well. Registering the shares and the transfer of share must also be maintained by the company secretary, as this is well mentioned in the act of registering a company in Hong Kong. It is mainly the director, who is responsible for appointing or removing the company secretary without violating the rules and regulations of the company.

International Patent Application

Protect your Invention Now

Aside from applying for a patent in your own country, you should also consider seeking patent protection internationally.  By doing so, you will be able to expand the potential market of your invention without subjecting it to copying. With an international patent, your product or invention will be protected from being copied, sold or used.

What is an International Patent Application?

An international patent application or PCT is filed based upon the Patent Cooperation Treaty. It will allow you to reserve the right to file a utility patent in more than one hundred countries all over the world. The patent will last for more than 2 years from your initial filing.

However, it is important to note that PCT should be filed within a year of your initial patent application. If you reside in the United States and have applied for a patent there, your international patent application must be filed before your application in the United States is published.

Once you have an international patent application, you will discover that your product will have an increased market value, especially if you are in engaged in the import and export business. This is a must if you intend to manufacture and sell your product overseas.

Benefits of a PCT Application

If you have not decided yet which countries you will need protection for your product or invention, the best thing to do is get a PCT application.  It is the perfect way to avoid multiple foreign applications and you will have up to 30 months to market your invention actively.

Immediate protection

Nobody likes having their ideas stolen or their inventions being claimed by others. If you happen to want protection in other countries which do not belong to the PCT, you also need to file the actual application in the specific countries.

Licensing your invention

The value of your patent rights can be increased if you have an international application. This is indeed a very good idea if your goal is to give other companies the right to sell, use or make your invention. The application will give you a legal basis wherein you will be able to receive payments from companies who wish to sell, make or use your invention in other countries.

Being the exclusive source

If you want to maintain being the exclusive source of an invention, the PCT application will extend the scope of your protection to beyond your country. Getting an international patent application is the most inexpensive way to keep your right to file other patent applications around the world. It will allow you the chance to seek protection in any or all participating member countries.