Living in Hong Kong

About 150 years ago, Hong Kong has attracted people from all over the world to set up enterprises and explore opportunities. Today the town is still house to a vibrant and diverse enterprise community.

Asia’s most cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong brags all the support and services construction, it takes to seem like a house for worldwide inhabitants, while still maintaining its own distinct identity and heritage. That’s why we call it as Asia’s world town. Its compact dimensions, attractive scenery, buzzing night life and amicable worldwide community all blend to offer the best expat life in Asia. Hong Kong is considered as one of the secure city in the world.

An English-speaking town in Asia

Hong Kong is a bilingual city with two authorized languages, Chinese and English. Whereas 97% of the community speaks Cantonese, enterprise is generally undertaken in English. Nearly all information, encompassing signals, announcements and government and dealing websites, is provided in Chinese as well as English.

It’s very simple to find a house in Hong Kong

Hong Kong provides a wide variety of houses and locations, from apartments in high-rise expansion in the town to customary homes in the homeland areas. Expatriates can choose a position that suits their lifestyle, from the buzz of Hong Kong isle, to beachfront luxury suites, family-friendly new city developments and the slower-paced villages of the New Territories and Outlying Islands.

Hong Kong has a plenty of quality leased places to stay and there are numerous real land parcel agents who focus in meeting the desires of expatriates. Overhauled apartments are furthermore broadly accessible for shorter stays.

Worldwide education

Hong Kong has a large range of schooling options, plus some fifty international schools, from kindergarten and primary schools to secondary and university teaching. Simultaneously, they also offer more than ten worldwide curriculums encompassing Singaporean, Australian, German, Korean, UK, French, US, Japanese and worldwide Baccalaureate.

Kids who study in Hong Kong rise up with a worldwide mesh of friends. They are furthermore exposed to other dialects, including Mandarin which is often taught as a second dialect in international schools.


One of the world’s best healthcare schemes

Hong Kong has one of the world’s largest quality public and personal healthcare systems. There are many government clinics and clinics, offering reduced cost healthcare to citizens of Hong Kong. Private healthcare is also very good and varieties from Western surgery to customary Chinese Medicine and holistic advances. Finding an English-speaking doctor or expert is clear-cut.

Enjoy the outdoors

Although most of the people combine Hong Kong with its busy built-up streets and iconic harbor skyline, it’s amazingly easy to get pleasure with the city’s plentiful green spaces. Over 40% of Hong Kong is made up of sheltered country parks, hills and sandy shores. At the weekend, several Hong Kong people head for the city’s many hiking trails, or to the sandy shore. Another popular choice is a day cruise round Hong Kong’s appealing coastline on a junk.

Why most businesses thrive in Hong Kong?


For a business to thrive, certain factors have to be met so that the operations are run smoothly. Most of these factors are dependent on the location because this is what will bring most of the factors together. This is what makes most businesses in Hong Kong successful. They are successful because they have access to some of the top class facilities which they can use to offer better services. For instance, the infrastructure is good therefore giving people a chance to reach their clients at the most convenient time.

While still considering the infrastructure, you should know that there is a railway line that runs through the city therefore people can use this so that they transport the raw materials they will require for their businesses. This is a cheap option that most of the people who deal with very heavy raw materials can take advantage of. There are also several airlines that give people access to the other cities and other countries within the Asian continent. This makes it the best location especially for the people who move around a lot.

The government policies in the city are favourable to people who run businesses. This means that they are able to carry their activities with minimal interferences from the government. In any case, the Chinese government is very supportive of people who start their companies in the city therefore making it very convenient. This means that you will get all the documents which you need to establish a business within the shortest time. This makes the time people take to establish a business short hence attractive to most people. The taxes that you pay are lower hence something that further attracts more people.

Another thing is that there is ready labour and market in the city therefore making the process of starting and running a business very easy. The people offering the labour services are skilled therefore you stay assured that the services you will get are of high quality. The huge population in the city makes it possible for a business to realise good profits within a very short time. Another reason that makes this city ideal for locating a business is that it is international therefore you can also get clients from all over the world. In most cases, this is what most investors consider when establishing a business. Generally this city is able to meet all the requirements that will make sure a business becomes successful.

Hong Kong Business Start-Ups

Prior business strategic planning is the core of all successful businesses. The procedures you decide to undertake when setting up a new business are among the most critical in the life span of your business venture. Consequently, you will need assistance in these crucial steps, especially if you are a novice in the business field. There are those magnificent business start-up ideas and investHK can help you build your business in Hong Kong.

The specific type of business, in terms of ownership, that you would like to set up is mainly a matter of personal reference. Whether you are setting up a sole proprietorship, a profit Corporation, a non-profit Corporation or a partnership, choosing the correct legal structure for your new business is extremely essential. Having best legal structure and strategy for your business is ideal. Moreover, you need to make sure that you have done your homework well to avoid being a victim of the law.

The simplest and most widespread form of organization for a business start-up is the sole proprietorship plan. This is where only one individual has all the rights and control of the business. Partnership is also an organization taken up by some individuals where two or more people own the company and are entitled to an equal share of all the profits and benefits. In the corporate organization, which is the most complicated type of business entity, no individual is attributed to all the rights or liabilities. The Board of members is attributed with the utter responsibility of managing the business. All stock holders share the profits as per their investment to the business. If you are planning or have decided to take on the partnership or corporate organizations, it is worthwhile to get the right legal structure that will ensure the flawless running of your business. InvestHK will assist you in your business location and also help you invest in Hong Kong.

InvestHK will vastly assist you in acquiring appropriate business registration and licenses. We will strive to protect your unique trademark while at the same time resolving any legal disputes in the business start-up stage. Setting up a business can be frustrating. However by choosing effective and reliable companies  , the process can be unbelievably easy, with the guarantee of future prosperity. Also for your business to grow you need to invest in a city that is full of creative entrepreneurs.