What to know about patent application in Hong Kong

A patent is basically a right that is usually granted to a person who has made an invention. This allows the owner to bar anybody else from using his invention without having the right permission. In Hong Kong one can apply for a patent if the invention is within the laws of the country. One cannot be granted a patent for inventing something that is not accepted by Hong Kong. The patent application procedure in Hong Kong is direct and follows a series of steps. Before applying for a patent it is necessary to ensure that you read the whole application procedure and research deeply on everything about patents in Hong Kong.

One of the most important things that you should note about patents in Hong Kong is that they are mainly divided into two categories. The first category is referred to as a standard patent and the second a short term patent. The main difference between the two is the protection period. Under the Hong Kong patent law, a standard patent is viable for 20 years. Renewing of the patent is however done annually after the first three years. For the short term patent, it is viable for 8 years but it is renewed after the first four years. The application process is different for the two categories of patents. This is why it is important to make a decision on the type of patent you prefer.

It is important to take note that a patent registered in a different country will not receive protection when in Hong Kong. One needs to get patent protection from Hong Kong in order to label a certain invention as theirs. One of the main advantages of patents is that under the protection you are liable to take legal action to any individual that uses the invention without your authorization.

For the case of a standard patent, the registration process is divided into two sections. The request to record section and the request for registration section are the two main sections. It is important to ensure that you fill all the application sections correctly and wait for a response from the registration office. It does not take a long time for the registration to be completed once you are able to fill the form with the correct information. Ensure that you get the application documents from the government site or from the government offices to avoid being scammed.