Business opportunities at Hong Kong

Beauty Industry and Wellbeing
People in Hong Kong live a modern life full of struggle and efforts. While spending a busy day with tight schedule, people visit fitness centers, yoga centers and massage centers to relax and refresh. As a way of modern life, people all over the Hong Kong spend more on personal grooming. Great business opportunities exist for hair salons, beauty spas, fitness centres, yoga centers, nail services and slimming centers.
Furthermore, around 50 Millions people visit Hong Kong annually for various purposes. Such great number of visitors prove to be the greatest source for promoting beauty and wellbeing business. This year, more than 9 thousand beauty centers have been establish in the entire Hong Kong.
In addition to above, Hong Kong hosts ”Cosmopr” the biggest beauty trade show in Asia that attracts 20 million visitors. Such events provide great opportunity to foreign investors for a successful business.
Biomedical Sector
If you own a biomedical company and are looking to spread your business then Hong Kong is the best platform for your business. Hong Kong has the world class healthcare system and invites lucrative business opportunity by exploring the biomedical related items from Mainland China and other parts of Asia.
Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
Hon Kong invites foreign investors for the highly lucrative biotech and pharmaceutical business. The city has world’s renowned, fully equipped and operational medical treatment centers that can be proved best platforms for differed biotech and pharmaceuticals.
Healthcare and Medical Equipment
Medical and surgical apparatus manufacturing companies at Hong Kong are keen and look forward for contract based relationship or even for the co manufacturing basis. Hong Kong has a very encouraging and flexible policy for healthcare and medical equipment business promoters.
The modern medical technology widely uses electronic contents in medical treatments. To meet the growing electronic industrial base demands, electronic industries at the Pearl River Delta PRD is sufficient enough to meet the manufacturing challenges.
Medical Treatment Facilities
Hong Kong is a hub of high standard healthcare services and millions of visitors get medical treatment at Hong Kong every year. People spend much on getting world class medical treatment at various private hospitals. Keeping the importance in view, the government of Hon Kong has allotted four sites for such valuable purposes.
Chinese Medicine Centers
Chinese Medicines are very useful in medical treatments. To meet the growing Chinese medicine demands, a great opportunity for exists for Chinese Medicine Centers across the Hong Kong. During the last decade, Chinese medicines have got appreciation from world over and Hong Kong is becoming the center for Chinese medical treatment.